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Welcome to our HERD ART STUDIO website. Where creativity is our passion!   

Hamish Herd Artist

After teaching  art, at Red Hill Primary, Hamish still then in his mid twenties, decided that the art world was calling. Thats when becoming a professional artist became his lifelong passion.Creating and exploring the different forms of visual arts is what makes Hamish tick. He loves nothing more then a new challenge in the creative arena, sculpting, paintings, drawing, designing and so much more is what he thrives on. 

Brenda Herd Artist

Completing her studies in prostetics and special effects, Brenda joined forces with Hamish and entered the Visual Arts world. Raising their children and creating art work is her absolute passion. Enjoying the different challenges that customised art brings, is what she loves best. Painting, wood working, mosaic work, a bit of sculpting, prop making and being just a general Mr. Maker is what makes her love life, just that much more.

Resin Abstract at Sun Coast Casino
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